Relatively new to the sport of triathlon,  I was able to distinguish the difference between participation and the art of competition with Kelli’s experience, knowledge and organic style of coaching. Kelli helped me achieve goals I never thought I could reach, or thought I cared to reach.  Through her ability to customize individuals training plans, Kelli helped me understand the importance of intelligent training to avoid overuse injuries and to maximize my potential.  Her disciplined training calendars keep me focused, and in the off season, disciplined and consistent.


Kelli understands the challenges of balancing life, family and training.  She is capable of deciphering peoples strengths and weaknesses to ensure goals are met despite limitations.  She also has the ability to keep our priorities in check and ensures we don’t get too uptight about missing a workout or eating a brownie…and we do this for fun.


Lisa Fekete





In 2002 I asked Kelli to coach me in preparation for my first IronMan.

While I’d been doing triathlons for 11 or 12 years I felt that a structured schedule by a professional coach would be the way to go. Kelli helped me immensely in achieving my goals, so much so that I have relied on her in preparation for two additional IronMan races. My performance has increased dramatically and it is a testament to her coaching.


Michael D’Addetta





It was a great day and real accomplishment for me. I want to say a big THANK YOU! Obviously I could not have done it without you. To think I could barely swim a lap 7 months ago and had never done a tri, makes my finish that much more sweet. Your great coaching, support and friendship has been invaluable. Joe Flaherty, Providence 70.3, (5:57:27)


Joe Flaherty


I have known Kelli Montgomery for a little over five years. I was first introduced to Kelli by relatives who were training with Kelli and utilizing her coaching services. After initially joining Kelli for running and riding workouts, I have been utilizing Kelli’s coaching services for both running and duathlon for the past four years.

What attracted me to Kelli’s program was her own personal experience and success as a collegiate swimmer, runner, professional duathlete and triathlete. Kelli’s goal was to design a specific program for me by getting to know my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. Kelli did this by spending considerable time just talking about my goals and past experiences. This was followed by comprehensive testing of my fitness to determine my unique coaching program.


Prior to using Kelli’s coaching services I was routinely injured. I wanted to get faster but was typically unable to run more that 15-20 miles a week consistently without injury. I had a history of working out and racing but was not able to meet any of the goals I had set for myself. Kelli assured me she could get me faster and build up my mileage and I would be injury free. Within just the first season of using Kelli’s coaching plan I was setting PRs in the 5K distance and racing in duathlons. By the end of the first season I was running 20-30 miles a week without injury and had set a PR in the 5k by over a minute and had a 5 minute PR in a duathlon. Since that first season my mileage has steadily climbed to 35-45 miles a week of running and I lowered my 5k PR almost another full minute. I also accomplished something I never thought possible before I met Kelli – I completed a half marathon at my goal pace. This was the most impressive accomplishment for me since before coaching I was convinced I could not run more than five consecutive miles without getting injured. During the ½ marathon training I was completing long runs of 14+ miles. I continue to set new personal goals in terms of race PRs and weekly running mileage and through all of this I have remained free of injuries.


I would highly recommend Kelli for coaching services. Kelli spends the time to really get to know you and what you want to accomplish athletically. She has a real interest in how you feel after every workout and race. I think it is Kelli’s experience, personalized coaching plans and sincere interest in my goals and accomplishments that have helped me reach my initial goals and beyond.


Dan Fodor