Athlete News



Hi Athletes,


This weekend we have some racing!


Shamrock Duathlon in Glastonbury

Good luck to Lisa Fekete, David Demres, JB Redenbaugh racing there this weekend!


Sea legs 5K in Cheshire

Angela Ruggerio good luck you have a fast 5k in those legs!


Xterra Southeast Championships in Pelham Alabama

George Dickerson for the sprint and Coach Kelli will be racing on the beautiful trails in the state park.  My favorite Xterra race of the series!


Some good racing going on to start the season!

Katie Devir the PR Queen did it again in the Providence 1/2 marathon with a 3 minute PR with no taper!  Nice job!


Cheshire Half Marathon

Brendan Coyle improved his time from an earlier 1/2 marathon this season!  Nice job!

Lisa Fekete ran a solid race in prep for the 70.3 races later this season, nice work!

Dave Asplund surprised himself with a great run too!


Cheshire 5K Angela Ruggerio ran a good race and more fast racing to come!



Running Technique Workshop is May 20th 6-7 pm at Choate Rosemary Hall Track in Wallingford -come join me for the free workshop to work on your running form!




Hi Athletes,


Good Luck to Brendan Coyle, Lisa Fekete and David Asplund in the Cheshire 1/2 marathon tomorrow and Angela Ruggerio in the Cheshire 5K!  You guys are ready to run fast!  Have fun!


I’ll be navigating the streets with the kids for the CCAP Charity Ride tomorrow and hopefully Sunday a MTB race if my knee cooperates (need to keep the knees clear of taking hits from the bike!)


We’ve had some more racing going on as well in the last month!


Easter Run 5K in Derby -Angela Ruggerio

2nd in the age-group on windy cold day!  Nice work once again!


Brendan Coyle in the North Haven 5K

Working on his speed for the 1/2 marathon put in a solid day and got great training in!


Bimblers Bash 4/12

Lisa Fekete ran her first trail race and enjoyed it and plans to do more!


David Ellis had good race and also had a great time and finished 7th overall!



Also FYI the Free Running Technique Clinic I was offering May 6th will need to be rescheduled. George and I have to travel to Maryland that day for legal proceedings from our accident almost 2 years ago.  I am hoping to reschedule it 5/20 Wednesday 6-7pm.


Have a great weekend!






Hi Athletes,

Hopefully spring will arrive soon!  We’ve had some athletes brave the cold around here for some running races and a few lucky ones went somewhere warm to get in a race!


FYI-As we dust off the bikes and start hitting the roads please be safe!  Plenty of sand, debris, big potholes, and cracks on the roads in CT after this harsh winter so pay careful attention to the road.  Enjoy when you finally get out there!



Katie Devir went to New Zealand and found some time to get in a trail race at the Rotarua trail half on 3/7.  She had a blast and has a few marks to remember the race by due to an amazing wipe out close to the end!


Lisa Fekete did the San Diego 1/2 Marathon on 3/7 while she was out in CA and enjoyed friends and sunshine while getting in a solid run!


Brendan Cole got in his first half marathon of the season at New Bedford Half on 3/17.  It was a good solid start to get the season rolling in cold conditions with more fast races to come!


Angela Ruggerio gets the tough chick award for racing the ion Bank Saint Patrick’s Day 5K in the snow and on slick roads this past weekend. She won her age-group and was 6th female finisher, great way to start the season!


Have a great week!



10/30/2014 Very Early


Good Morning Athletes,

I’m on my way back to Hawaii and I know some of you are interested in hearing the race report!  I’m pretty excited to share my my experience winning the World title in 40-44 age-group!  I have more pics and videos on my Facebook page.


Coach Kelli’s Race Report from Xterra World Champs:

I rode down to the race site in the morning and set my stuff up in transition and went thru my usual pre-race routine.  I was a little nervous, but in control of it.  I had plenty of time so I chatted with a few people in the shade and tried to relax.  When it got closer to race time I went down to the beach and took a look at the surf myself and was glad to see some rougher water but not killer smash you to bit waves.  The afternoon before the race there was some bigger surf.  I figured I could handle that, but much bigger and I was going to be scared of getting pummeled. I was happy the swim was going to play to my strengths of being a strong swimmer.  I got in to warm-up and got a feel for the waves and the entry in and out.  The pros went off first, then 2 minutes later the age-group men-those poor guys got sent off in some breaking waves and half of them got pummeled. The age-group women watched and there were a few giggles on the bad luck of timing for the men’s start.  The gun went off and I got a decent start and past few waves get out heading toward first buoy.  Once past the breaking waves the water was like a washing machine and good current pulling left.  I shortened up my stroke a little and kept stroke rate high and plugged away.  The first buoy was a pile up of guys and that took some work to get around to start heading back to shore.  I got a little wave to ride in, but I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger one to really ride in, hey because body surfing is fun.  Then I got out for short beach run before heading back in again. I got back thru waves for the 2nd part of the swim pretty well and grinded out to the next buoy and I seemed to be picking up a lot of green caps.  Again no big wave ride into the finish but overall I felt like I had solid swim.


I headed up the hill (there is always a hill somewhere) to transition where Mike gave me rough estimate as to where I was.  I got out of transition pretty well and onto the bike, which pretty quickly goes uphill and onto the single track.  It was really crowded the first 5 miles on the trails and with steep uphills some folks had trouble making and at some points I had to get off and walk, some I managed to maneuver around.  My track standing practice with my son Benjamin on the soccer field helped me there when I had to pause and go around athletes. At the same time I was getting passed by a lot of age-group men many who were nice and tried pass where there was room or after moved over, but other guys who tried pass in spots where only one bike could fit all the while yelling at you to move.  One guy hooked my handlebars and almost took me down, I wasn’t too happy about that!  We climbed for quite a while up to the ridge which is spectacular if you can take it in while completely out of breath from all the climbing!!  The climbs are all steep and pretty long!   Each time I got up one I’d go there’s one more down!  Then it was time for the rough long downhills and I did my best to try let the bike go, but this is where I lost most of my time due to having less skill descending.  Then a little more climbing because there is always one more hill to go up on the Maui course!  And some single twisty track to finish off the ride.  I was feeling the heat on the bike but did good job with the fueling overall.


I got into transition and although Mike said I was 3rd and 90 sec out of 1st, I thought he said I was 90 sec from 3rd!  It got me moving because I thought ok I need to start running and catching people. I ran pretty well thru 3 miles and I think that’s where I caught the girls in my age-group. I really couldn’t tell where I was in age-group because the marking noting age on the calf was microscopic and everyone’s legs were full of mud from couple mud pits on the bike. I noticed some 500-series race numbers (my group) and thought maybe I got one or two of girls in my group. Around 3.5-4 miles my legs were not happy about going up steep hills, a few steep spots I walked because I figured I wasn’t going faster running and that was going take more energy plus I was so hot.  I tried to cool off with ice at some aid stations and getting in some fluids. Then I hit all the downhill past 4.5 miles and I just tried go as fast as I could there using my leg speed.  We hit the beach 1/2 mile from finish and oh boy I felt like I couldn’t get thru sand I felt like I was going nowhere!  At one point I yelled something out loud to keep myself together and keep plugging.  I was really on the rivet there from the heat and the effort. I was so happy to hit the grass for the finish line because then I could actually run faster and I knew I was going to make it!  I crossed the finish line spent!


Mike, Glenn and Alice were screaming that I won, they were so excited.  I said “Really are you sure?”  Yes that’s what the tracking says, I still wasn’t going get excited until I saw the white print out card that said it in black and white.  I really couldn’t believe it!


I only wish I knew I won that would have been exciting crossing line knowing that!  I still can’t believe I won the title!


It’s all part of the journey…

Last year I raced in Maui for the first time and I was really happy to be there after getting injured in the car accident in June.  I finished 4th in age-group and I remembered how difficult it was to see on the downhills because of my vision problems from the vestibular head injury. The entire world bounced up and down.  I was really proud of myself then for continuing to try to overcome the injuries.  After months of rehab of eye exercises, running on treadmill while trying focus on one spot, metronome exercises, jumping on the couch (yes my kids thought this was funny) and trampolines to rewire my head I’ve made great progress.  I’m still working to get back to 100% and at times it’s been completely frustrating!  But there’s always the part of me that thinks I can overcome the hurdles and succeed!  It’s been a big journey for me and one I’m proud of and it’s taught me a lot about myself.  Remember if you get knocked down you might have to fight really hard to get up, but the fight is worth the reward!



There have been many people that have helped me along this journey and I’d like to thank them

My family Mike, my 2 kids Benjamin and Nolan who have been part of healing process

My crash buddy George Dickerson, he was driving when teen texted smashed us. Yes bad idea to text and drive so don’t do it.  He is also still working to recover from his injuries too, all with sense of humor.  Thank you for doing all 4 hour rides in the rain with me!

Sergio Borges for coaching me to World Title and supporting me thru a bunch of challenges not only car accident, but celiac diagnosis the year before!  Great coach and friend!

Scott Tribby at Ranfone Training for all massage work and strength program to get me strong as a monster!

Christine Ford for massage work and inspiration!

Dr. Cathy Markle for helping me heal and working thru challenges I faced after the accident.

North Haven Bike for ordering equipment and fixing my bike which I always seem to wreck!

Bill Weiss Neurologist Chiropractor for all eye exercises that are working to straighten me out.

Glenn, Alice, Paulina and Ryder Tremble for putting up with Mike and I at their home for 2 weeks in Maui and cheering me on!  We had a blast!

My athletes for their continued support and enthusiasm!




Hi Athletes,

More great racing in the month of October!


Ironman Chattanooga

Lisa Fekete had a very solid day across the board!  On a more challenging course she came pretty close to her PR that she set in FL 2 years ago.  She did set a new run PR for the marathon part.  She worked hard all season and trained consistently and it showed on race day! Way to finish off the season!


Laura Valenti has had a few challenges to work thru injury/health wise since last year.  She did a great job working to solve it and came back to successfully get ready for the IM and set a huge PR!  Great determination Laura!


Shoreman Triathlon

Tammy Guld won overall for the females! Once again another consistent strong race! Congrats on the win!


2014 Perfect 10 Miler

Tammy Guld set a PR in the 10 miler at 7:22 per mile, cruising along!  She also finished 5th in her age-group too!


RI Duathlon Festival

David Ellis won the race overall!  He took the lead out of T1 and lead the rest of the way!  He put in a great second run!  Great way to end the multi-sport season!


Hartford Half Marathon

Brendan Coyle ran a solid marathon after tough busy stretch at work.  He’ll use the training to put in a great race at the Philly Marathon in November!


Zomma Half Marathon

Katie Devir as always had a good time and ran well for the day!


Newport Half Marathon

Katie Devir was right on her PR time for this one, well done!


Westerly Village 5K

David Demres had a good time racing with his roommate dressed as Batman and Robin and they finished together to win the race!  Sounds like fun!


Coach is proud of all the great racing this season!




Good morning Athletes,


We had some amazing racing last weekend!  I'm one proud coach!


Ironman Maryland


David Ellis set a PR in the Ironman distance and managed the heat on the run course well to finish in a FAST 9:51! He was 10th in the 30-34 age-group


Rob Skinnon in his first Ironman went a speedy 11:15!  He was steady all day long which paid off!


Princeton 70.3

Tammy Guld had another consistent performance and finished 5th in the age-group (35-39)!  Great way to finish up the tri season!


Larry Wood had a strong bike and swim but his hip injury acted up during the run preventing him from completing the run.  He'll be back strong in 2015!


Xterra Nationals in Utah

George Dickerson didn't end up racing the sprint bc of what's been dubbed a "shopping injury" from his trip to Prague the week before.  The walking from lot's of shopping with his wife and running on the cobblestones wrecked his shin. Good news is the docs are now thinking it's not a stress fracture. So he should be 100% soon.


Coach Kelli overall had a good race finishing 3rd in the 40-44 age-group and 10th among amateur woman.  It was a tough race with the altitude!  We started the swim at 4900 feet in the lake in mass start, hit the bike and rode up to 7800 feet to top of the mountain resort.  The trails were dry so a little slippery with the gravel sand but really flowing so when you did descend for short time it was fun and then there were some quick switchbacks to navigate.  The views on the mountain were spectacular with the Aspen trees changing colors for fall! The air did get a bit thin as we really got high so you just were out of breath.  Going into T2 I went the wrong direction and couldn't find my run stuff, I had a total brain blank and had just stop and try think which was hard given my brain needed more O2!  I lost close to 2 minutes in the transition which cost me 2nd place.  The run which was at the top mountain was the hardest bc every time you hit hill you were so out of breath and trying drink at the aid stations was tough bc that required not breathing too.  It was like trying to run hard with a plastic bag on your head.  The last 1.5miles was all down and the trails were sandy gravel and rocks so footing was tricky. I tried run as fast as I could to catch the next girl but I ran out of real-estate and she got me by 11 sec.  But I gave it everything and learned a few things too!  I was lucky to be able to stay a couple days after the race and did some amazing riding in the mountains of Park City, so beautiful!  Next up is Worlds Maui at the end of Oct., looking forward to racing there again.


Racing this weekend is Lisa Fekete and Laura Valenti in Ironman Chattanooga! They've been consistently training and are ready to go! Good luck ladies!


Katie Devir will be racing the Zomma half marathon, I see another PR coming!  Good luck Katie!



Have a great weekend,





Hi Athletes,

As the tri season is starting to wind down for most of us we have a few more races over the next couple of weeks.


Racing this weekend:


Ironman Maryland

Good luck to Rob Skinnon he'll be doing his first Ironman tomorrow he's ready to have a great first IM!


David Ellis has raced strong all season and got a good tune-up in one of his favorite races at Hammerfest last weekend! Good luck, I know you have 3 strong legs you are going put together.


Princeton 70.3

Tammy has been consistent all season and will use her strength from racing and training consistently all season for great race!  Good luck!


Larry Wood is feeling healthy (I'm going to put him in bubble wrap for his unfortunate little mishaps he's had all season) and always in good spirits is looking forward to racing the course.  Good luck Larry!


Xterra Nationals

Coach Kelli is racing tomorrow in Utah and looking forward to getting to race here this year.  I missed this race last year because I was recovering from the accident so it will be a victory for me to get out there and race.  The course will be a challenge with lot's of climbing on the bike and altitude, we start at 4900 feet and hit 7800.  And Xterra never seems to lack on hills on the run too.  My first time to Utah so excited to see and experience Ogden Snow Basin and Salt Lake City.


Race Results


Toughman 70.3

Katie Devir had a fantastic race all across the board, but especially her bike split!  We've been working hard to get Katie stronger, modifying her position, bike handling, and setting up some training targets get her really pushing the bike on the hard days.  Her focus, consistency and hard work paid off!  She also said she really thought this was good race well run and course was nice and fast.


Madison Triathlon

David Demres finally was able to get back racing after recovering from bike crash earlier in the year.  He dusted the rust off by finishing 2nd overall male to a local pro.  Nice work David


Larry Wood was 3rd his age-group 65-69 and despite catching his toe under the door and smashing (literally) his pinky toe he had a good time and race.


Hammerfest Triathlon

The 2 David's went 1-2 overall for the males, nice work!

David Demres won and found his running legs this race.

David Ellis 2nd training for IM MD got in a good race to sharpen up for tomorrow.


Chris Gillette OD Tri in Alabama braved waters where the sharks lurk, yikes!  And warmer temps too.  He put down a fantastic bike split as well.  Great job Chris!


Tammy Guld won overall female at Shoreman OD race for the 4th time!  Great streak!


Have a great weekend!





Good afternoon Athletes,

Hope everyone is staying cool since summer has returned!


Over last 2 weeks we've had some good racing and more racing coming this weekend!


Timberman 70.3

Rob Skinnon is getting ready for his first Ironman in MD and had a great race going sub 5:30!  He'll be ready kick some butt!


Rev 3 Maine

JB Redenbaugh in his first 70.3 had a fantastic race in a speedy sub 5:30, he couldn't believe it himself but I knew he was ready to rock his first 1/2!


Lisa Fekete getting ready for Ironman Chat in few weeks had a good day of racing finishing 5th in the 45-49 age-group! She'll be ready to rip up IM!


Laura Valenti had a solid day and is also getting ready for IM Chat in a few weeks.  Laura's been getting stronger as the seasons progressed so looking forward to her getting out there and enjoying IM!


Coach Kelli had fun racing with the crew and getting back on the TT bike for one race this season!  Without any specific training for 70.3 race (I was slightly regretting that with 5 miles to go on the run :), I enjoyed getting out there and had a decent day.  Won the 40+ and finished 4th overall female.  Now back on the MTB to get ready for Xterra Nationals and Worlds, can't wait!


Ironman Louisville

Tara Fodor finished her first Ironman on a hot hot day of 95+ degree heat!  Despite a disappointing IM in Atlantic City with missing the swim cutoff due to crazy strong currents she was determined to find another race and meet her goal!


New Haven 20K

Larry Wood on a hot and humid day enjoyed another New Haven 20K race, he's finished a bunch!


George Dickerson another dedicated 20Ker also weathered the heat for a solid day out there!



Good Luck to Katie Devir at Toughman 1/2 IM this weekend and David Demres and Larry Wood at the Madison Triathlon!

Lisa, Laura and Coach Kelli at Rev 3 Maine before the race




Hi Athletes,

Some great racing this season so far, coach is really proud of all fantastic racing!  Catching up with the race reports!  It's been a busy summer with the Kids Triathlon that I direct thru the Wallingford Parks and Recreation in July. We had 80 kids participate and have a great time!  12 years of the kids event in the books!  Thanks to the athletes that helped out.  Last week was the last race for our Wallingford Summer Running Series at Choate on their cross country course.  Each week we had about 40 racers from young kids, middles school and high school runners and adults of all abilities out there enjoying the course and getting a great workout in!



Mossman 1/2 Ironman 6/22

David Ellis finished 4th overall despite having a mechanical that forced him into a big gear for half the bike ride up all the big hills, trashing his legs and loosing some time.  He fought hard and absolutely had a solid race despite it all!

Julie Goldstein after 1st year being a principal, mom, and limited time to train for the event (had solid base fitness) we got her ready in 2 months to do the 1/2 IM.  She enjoyed the race and experience!


Fairfield Half Marathon 6/22

Brendan Coyle had a good race on a hillier course.


Challenge Atlantic City 6/29

Tammy Guld competed her 1st Ironman!  She battled the strong currents in the swim portion, put in a strong bike and finished off with a steady run in the heat too!


Xterra French River 6/29

George Dickerson 2nd 55-59 age-group, 7th overall in the sprint race

Coach Kelli 2nd overall female

This was a fun local Xterra race that allowed for some family camping and my older son Benjamin to do the kids race too.


Griskus Sprint

Katie Devir always a consistent racer finished 4th in the 40-44 age-group

Lisa Fekete and Laura Valenti competed as part of a relay with the Nutmeg Kids Triathlon Group for a fun evening


Litchfield Hills Olympic Triathlon 7/20

Lisa Fekete on a hilly tough course finished 2nd in the 45-49 age-group


Xterra Sky High 7/20

George Dickerson 1st 55-59 age-group nice work on a really technical run course!

Kelli Montgomery 2nd female overall


Killingworth Road Race and Middletown 5k

Brendan Coyle put in 2 solid races as part of his training!  He's going to have a strong fall racing season!


Niantic Triathlon

Larry Wood after a long battle with the hamstring woes was finally able to get out there and complete a race!


David Ellis Cedar Lake Races

Race #1 finished 3rd overall and race #4 won overall!  Great way to get in some racing and quality training during the week.  He's been racing solid all summer, he's gearing up for IM MD in September.


Bethel Crit Series

George Dickerson has been racing the summer series and finished 7th and 10th so far this season!  George has really made some big strides in the last month or so with his fitness and continuing recovery from the accident that we were in last year.


Greenwich Triathlon 8/4

David Demres 2nd overall in his first race back after a series of mishaps.  The latest crashing on the bike and breaking his thumb that needed surgery, I'm going to put him in bubble wrap!


Presidential Lakes Triathlon 8/10

Tammy Guld finished 3rd overall out of the woman!  She has great fitness from IM racing this season!

Tara Fodor used the race as part of her training to get ready for IM Kentucky coming up!  She did a long ride the day before and raced the next day, getting more comfortable with the open water swim.


Xterra Stoaked 8/10

George Dickerson 3rd 55-59 age-group on a tough course in NH where there is no flat land he weathered the hills and screaming downhills on the course to finish on the podium!

Coach Kelli 1st overall My win was helped by my friend Catherine Sterling flatting 2x on the course, otherwise I'm sure she would have won. Bummer when mechanicals stop or slow your day down.  Again fun area to camp with the kids, nice race management and tough course!  Hills and more hills on the bike and run, I hit 26.2 mph coming down the trail on a MTB-now that was thrilling!


Walnut Beach Tri

Katie Devir despite total chaos with course management had a great time and finished on the podium in 3rd place in 40-44 age-group.


Timberman 70.3 8/17

Rob Skinnon despite being slightly under the weather put in a solid day to go sub 5:30!  He'll be ready for his 1st IM in MD in September!

Larry Wood did a fantastic job with the swim and bike and one lap of the run.  He's just recovered from the injury so very limited time running prior to the event.  The plan was to see how he felt on the run and keep safe and not re-injure himself.  Well done!


More racing this weekend with Rev 3 Maine 70.3 where Lisa Fekete, Laura Valenti, JB Redenbaugh (1st 70.3 ) and Coach Kelli will race.  David Ellis will race 70.3 in RI and Tara Fodor will go for her 1st IM in Kentucky! Good luck to all!






Hi Athletes,


Racing this weekend:


Mossman Half Ironman David Ellis and Julie Goldstein.


Katie Devir and Brendan Cole will race the Fairfield Half Marathon.


Good luck have fun and race fast you guys are ready!


Last weekend at the races:


Branford Road Race

Brendan Cole had a solid race, good lead into this weekends 1/2 marathon!


Griskus OD Triathlon

Katie Devir decided last minute to race and had a good race and as always had a great time!


Xterra Richmond

George Dickerson enjoyed the sprint distance and had a good race on a challenging course to finish 2nd in the 55-59 age-group. Coach botched the podium picture, I guess trying to take a pic 5 minutes after you finish was too tough.


Coach Kelli - By far the most challenging course on the Xterra circuit it proved to be a challenge an adventure, and a learning experience!  I crashed hard on my hip in the pre-ride, slid down a ramp and landed smack on my hip on rocks due course being wet and slippery.  Bad idea to brake on the ramp was that lessoned learned.  Race day the James River was running fast so my experience helped to navigate the strong currents. I still ended up getting pinned on the buoy trying get around it!  The bike course dried out mostly so that was helpful, unfortunately I ended up having some bike mechanicals that cost me big time on the course. I also crashed and really whacked my knee.  I'm not going out for leg modeling anytime soon!  I finished up with a solid run hopping rocks, climbing ladders, running stairs to finish 2nd in the 40-44 age-group.  While the bike proved frustrating with the mechanicals and the technical course was a challenge it was good from a learning experience.


Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!






Good afternoon athletes,


Some great racing last weekend on a beautiful day in CT today!


Congrats on your well deserved PB of 1:35 Brendan Coyle at the Ironhorse marathon and finishing 5th in the age-group!!!


Rev 3 Quassy

Congrats to Katie Devir battling some foot issues over last few weeks to put in a solid day on the tough Rev 3 course!


Robert Skinnon had a very good day too! He's done a great job balancing being a new dad and training-no easy task!


Root 66 MTB Race in Ware MA

George Dickerson and Coach Kelli were looking get in one more MTB race before we hit Richmond for Xterra East Champs next week.  We both agreed it was a tough course with big hills, some serious hike a bikes, very technical with rocks and roots.  Good practice!

George did great job in the sport race navigating all the obstacles.  Despite coach crashing pretty hard in the first mile, whoops!  The huge bruise on my thigh is my prize :)  I managed to get back going and catch back up and win my first Cat 1 35+ race.


Also Chris Gillette raced Alcatraz Triathlon for the 3rd time!  Chris unfortunately broke his chain at the 12 mile mark and with no way to fix the chain he ran/walked his bike up the hills, scooted on flats and coasted on the bike for the down hills for 6 miles!  Great determination Chris and good thinking!  Once off the bike he got his running legs going and finished off the race!  While not a PR day like he hoped he was happy to finish with all the mechanical problems.  Nice job Chris!


Weekend Racing

Racing this weekend at Eagleman 70.3 is Lisa Fekete and David Ellis-Good luck you both are ready to rock!


Laura Valenti is racing Seaside Sprint Triathlon -good luck!  You are ready to race fast!


Enjoy the nice weekend weather,





George Dickerson will race the Bethel Summer Bike Racing Series, he finished 10th in the sprint the other week so the guys better watch out tonight!


Good luck to David Ellis tomorrow night at Cedar Lake Triathlon a good tune up for Eagleman in a couple of weeks!


Alcatraz Triathlon

Chris Gillette will once again brave the cold rough water and the tough course!  Good luck Chris!


Rev 3 70.3 Quassy

Robert Skinnon has been training hard and is ready for a great race in Quassy!

Katie Devir is always a tough competitor look for her to have a good race too!


Tara Fodor will race Hammonton Triathlon to get a little more open water experience before her Ironman in June.  Good luck and have fun!


Brendan Cole will be racing Ironhorse 1/2 marathon I would not be surprised if he PR'd again!


Coach Kelli and George Dickerson will race Root 66 MTB race in Warre MA on Sunday to sharpen their MTB skills for Xterra


Have a great week!





Hi Athletes,

We had some racing again this past weekend


Brendan Coyle ran the Soapstone Trail Race and ran close to his personal best time on the course and had fun doing it on challenging New England terrain!


Lisa Fekete ran the Cheshire 10K and finished 2nd in her age-group 45-49 and 7th female, great training for Eagleman 70.3 coming up!


Coach Kelli made a quick trip to Pelham Alabama for Xterra Southeast Championships last weekend.  So far my favorite location for an Xterra race, beautiful area with spectacular single track and running trails!  The pre-ride on Thurs the trails were in good condition and dry and the forecast was for 10% rain-well I guess we got the 10% bc race morning I woke up and looked out my window to light rain.  It stopped before the race and we did the lake swim rain free. About 20 min into the ride it got so dark I couldn't see with my red lens glasses!  Within 5 minutes it was a deluge of cold rain making it hard to see while navigating twisty single track with lot's roots and rocks. Instantly the trails got incredibly slippery.  After about 1/2 hour it stopped but the damage was done and I had a few slide outs but no crashes, but it was a bit hairy at times!  Onto the run I knew I needed to run hard to see if I could gain anytime on the 3 girls who passed me.  It was a 2 loop run with pretty good footing trails with some roots, some logs jump over and a few mud pits thrown in.  With just less than 1/3 mile to go I saw 2 girls and I knew needed to get into the narrow trail with all roots first, we turned corner and they caught glimpse of me.  They sped up just enough to beat me in there and since I was running as hard as I could I couldn't speed up. That little rooty section was tough footing and hard catch anyone in there and right after that the finish was 30 ft.  I ended up 4th amateur but there was just 6 seconds between 2nd and 4th.  2nd was the World Champion in my age-group, oh so close winning but I gave it all I had so I was really happy with my race!  It will be a great duel come Worlds in Oct.!  More importantly I felt like this was the first race since the accident almost a year ago where I felt pretty close to myself before that happened.  I still have a little vertigo/vision and few other things that hopefully at some point will go away.


I hope everyone has a fun holiday weekend!






Good afternoon Athletes,

Some great racing to start off the triathlon season in the Northeast this past weekend!


Congrats to Tammy Guld for finishing 3rd overall female at the City Tri Spring Bassman 1/2 IM!!! And Tara Fodor for finishing 2nd in the 40-44 age-group in her first tri!!! Nice work for the sister duo!


David Ellis on his 2nd place overall at the Downtown Duathlon in Waterbury this morning! Great way to get the season started!


Chris Gillette did the Mullet-Man at the Florabama (named for the fish, not the haircut) in Alabama where he now lives.  He was strong across all 3 legs!  He'll be ready for Alcatraz Triathlon again in June!


Cheshire Half Marathon 4/27

Brendan Coyle set a PR after being ill during the week.  Nice job!!  He's worked really hard and I'm happy he's seen the results!  More PR's coming this season!


Lisa Fekete for finishing 7th in her age-group and met her time goal!  Good prep for Eagleman 70.3 in June!  Nice job Lisa!



Coach Kelli - First MTB race of season today at Winding Trails Fat Tire Classic. Also a first racing Cat 1, women really pushed me to ride at higher level.  My competitive drive overrules my sense of caution :) Finished 4th 35+

Stuck 1st pack for 1st 2 laps, then fatigue hard training week hit-ouch! I was seriously ready be done with 3 laps too bad it was 4.  Fun race fast single track really worked on my tight turns and cornering. Finished up day w 3x10 min descend run to 10k pace on trails-great prep for Xterra Alabama next week!


Hope this rain clears out so we can all enjoy some good weekend weather!!!  Coach is excited now that we are getting some racing underway to see everyones hard work out on the race course!





This weekend we have the Cheshire Half Marathon and Lisa Fekete and Brendan Cole will be racing.  They both have put in some consistent weather training so it will be fun to watch them race fast!  Good luck!



Last weekend's Racing:

Larry Wood raced NOLA's 70.3, once again Larry shows his toughness to work thru getting his goggles knocked off in the swim.  He continued despite the difficulties of not being able see well.  The bike was pretty windy for race day and he rode solid bike to finish the day!  He's recovering from glute injury so we planned before start to just do swim and bike.  Larry's started running this week and I'm looking forward to seeing more great races this season!


George Dickerson raced the Xterra Sprint Las Vegas and won the 55-59 age-group category!  It was great to see him out there racing again after our last years car accident in June derailed his season.  He'll attest as to the difficulty of the Vegas course with it's huge steep hills, wind, heat and loose rock and sand!  It was his first Xterra race and he really liked the format.


Coach raced the Xterra West Championships in Las Vegas and won 40-44 age-group and qualified for Xterra World Championships in Maui.  I was pleased with my race being first one of the season, hard course to do first out of the box with hills, heat, wind and the rough terrain.  I rode a lot faster than last year with really only 4 rides on MTB due to the weather in CT.  Boy was I sore the next day from all the vibration my body wasn't used to flying down the rough rock descents!  I'm looking forward to more racing this season!


Hope everyone enjoys the nice weather!





Hi Athletes,

I think just maybe spring finally decided to arrive!  I hope you all enjoyed the weather this weekend!


Katie Devir set another PR in the Ocean Drive Marathon this spring running in windy and rainy conditions, she seems to get all the great weather days for her races!  But she's tough and seems to thrive on it!  She also said she would recommend this race to others, so if you are looking for a spring marathon next year.  Up next Rev 3 Quassy for Katie!


Chris Gillette decided to run a local 5K in Alabama where he relocated and he ran a solid race finishing 4th overall and beat out the first woman with the pink tutu on!  I said I would have ran myself into my grave to beat someone wearing a tutu...ok coach isn't a girlie girl if you guys haven't figured that out yet!  Nice job Chris!



Upcoming Races

Good luck to Larry Wood racing NOLA's 70.3 this weekend!  He'll be doing the swim and bike since he's rehabbing his glute injury.  Look for Larry to put in a good swim and crank out a hard bike!


Xterra Vegas - George Dickerson will be racing the sprint Xterra and is looking forward to his first Xterra. Coach Kelli will be racing on Sunday too. I'll be traveling 4/10 and return 4/15, I'll do my best to get emails as quickly as I can. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do in first race of the season and I hope to get my Worlds spot for Maui in Oct. too!   For any of you who want to try out an off-road tri there are a few of the shorter distances in New England this year a great place to give it a go.


If you've decided on some races let me know and I will add them to your schedule.


Have a great week!





Hi Athletes,


Despite very humid conditions Katie Devir ran a 16 min PR in the NOLA's marathon!  Way to go Katie, great way to start the year off!

Hope everyone has weathered another storm, I am sure we are all ready for spring right now!




Good luck to Katie Devir running the NOLA's marathon this weekend!  Katie is ready to have some fun and run fast!




Good morning athletes,


Coach is very proud of all the efforts this past weekend, athletes overcame their challenges on race day!


Ironman Florida

Paul Radineri finished his first Ironman, congrats Paul you are now an Ironman!  He had to overcome a few long term injury issues to complete the race that effected his training, but he was very determined to do it.  And I certainly knew he would because he is one determined athlete!  Congrats again!


Larry Wood had a really solid steady day out on the race course.  I was really happy to see Larry do well after the last couple times that he was unlucky.  But even with that previous disappointment Larry has a great attitude and was focused on this years race.  I'll send along his final article from the paper.  Here is the link to the previous article before the race and I attached the PDF too


Congrats Larry!


New Zealand Marathon

Caryl Olmstead finished her challenge of running a marathon on all 7 continents by finishing the New Zealand Marathon this past weekend.  This last one didn't come easy as shel was very under the weather and was challenged to just complete it.  Congrats Caryl you are now part of the 7 continent finishers!


Platt 5K

David Ellis set a big PR running 17:39 this past weekend! Nice work!


Enjoy your day!





Good luck to Larry Wood and Paul Radineri in IM FL tomorrow!  These guys are going to do great!  You can follow and cheer them on.


All the way in New Zealand in Caryl Olmstead's quest to do a marathon on each continent she will run the New Zealand Marathon.  I love Caryl's sense of adventure and living life to the fullest!  Good luck Caryl you are ready to run sub 4hrs!!!


Back on the East Coast the 2 David's will run the Platt Tech 5K.  Good luck guys!


Coach Kelli is back from Maui, a fabulous trip and one hard race(one hardest I've done)!  As one of my friends called it "a bit of hell in paradise".  I'll be writing up my race report but the short version is it was very hot, extremely hilly (you went straight up or down), sandy and dusty (making for some slippery trails).  I finished 4th in the 40-44 age-group which considering I'm still not 100% from the accident I was pleased with.  I'm looking forward to going back next year and racing at 100%!




Aloha Athletes!


Newport Half Marathon

Katie Devir finished off her season in style running a 2 minute PR!!!


Hartford Marathon


Laura Lovelace finished her first marathon with a strong race and enjoyed the challenge!


Brendan Coyle had a solid first half of the race but travel to Europe the week of the race left him jet lagged.  He hung tough to finish and will race Philadelphia Marathon in November.


Julie Goldstein ran just sub 4hrs and finished with her students the last mile of the race!  What fun! Check out the pic below.


Hartford Half Marathon


Laura Valenti enjoyed the race and put in a good effort, she's tough and has rallied this season working thru an injury.


This weekend racing David Demres and David Ellis at the Wicked Good 5K-Good Luck!


Coach Kelli will be racing Sunday at the Xterra Worlds in Maui on Sunday

I expect this to be one epic tough race on Sunday.  The surf will provide a challenge with getting out and coming in, xterra likes to keep this fun so we'll do this 2x with a beach run in the middle.  I practiced my body surfing the other day in prep to hopefully not get pounded by the large surf.  It will be some rough swimming with the chop past the big waves.  Then once you hit the bike course it will be climb and climb some more, nothing on Maui is flat it's either up or down.  The 20 mile bike course with deep sand, tight turns, rough ground will have 3600 feet climbing in the hot sun.  Better bring my climbing legs and my camebak! Then once on the run course we'll run some more hills gaining another 1110 feet in 5.9 miles while traversing the trail.  It's been a challenge this season with the accident but tomorrow I plan on going out and having fun with it and seeing what I can do!


Finish and swim for Xterra




Hi Athletes,


Good luck athletes racing this weekend!  You guys are going to run super fast!


Hartford Half Marathon

Laura Valenti


Hartford Marathon

Julie Goldstein

Laura Lovelace

Brendan Coyle


Newport Half Marathon

Katie Devir


David Ellis raced in Half Full Rev last weekend had strong swim and bike legs, but struggled in the heat (it was in the 80's in MD!) during the run. David toughed it out to finish up. Nice job David!



Coach will also be away in Hawaii 10/17-10/29, I'll be racing Xterra Worlds in Maui on 10/27.  It will be the first time I've raced this event.  I'll do my best to return emails as quickly as I can.




Hi Athletes,

Here is Larry Wood's second article on the record journal, enjoy the read! Click here for .pdf version





Good afternoon athletes,


Some great racing over the past 2 weekend!



Hammerfest Triathlon

This past weekend was the battle of the David's, it seems Coach Kelli was the only one to get the bet right saying it would be a one two finish!  David Demres won overall by 30 sec and David Ellis was 2nd overall!  Nice work Dave's!  Also the David's battle raised money for Brian's Hope Foundation.  If you are interested in donating click the link below.


Brian's Hope website at: In just a few clicks, you can donate online, or send a check.


Duxbury Beach Sprint

Lisa Fekete after a great race at IM Canada had some good speed for the sprint tri and took 2nd in her age-group (45-49)!


Reach the Beach Relay Laura Lovelace had a good time and got some good prep for the Hartford Marathon doing the Relay event this past weekend.


Madison Triathlon

David Demres won the overall male title he's finally recovered from his second bike crash of the season.  Some tough luck but he got his cast off his wrist in time to race.


Larry Wood had a solid race and finished 4th in his age-group (65-69)!


New Jersey Shoreman 1/2 IM

Tammy Guld won the overall 1/2 IM distance (+1.5 miles longer bike course was 57.5 miles) and set a big PR going 5:03!


Harvest Half Moon (1/2 IM) Triathlon in Boulder CO

Sandie Dalles after being sick on Friday recovered in time to race 70.3 and finished in 5:20 (at altitude) and 3rd in the 40-44 age group. She'll be ready for IM Arizona in November!


NashVegas Triathlon, TN

Kari Anderson had a really solid performance and finished 2nd female overall!



Good luck to Katie Devir this weekend HTIS Hunter Mountain 70.3 and David Ellis and David Demres in the Westerly Sprint Triathlon!


Enjoy the great weather and weekend!





Good afternoon athletes,


Weekend Racing:


David Demres and Larry Wood at the Madison Triathlon this weekend!


Tammy Guld racing Lums Pond 1/2 Ironman in Delaware!


Good luck athletes!



Racing Results:


New Haven 20K


George Dickerson ran well despite the very humid conditions and with the hernia.  As always George has a good time while competing.


Katie Devir also ran more for training and to enjoy the day.  Both Katie and George celebrated with a beer post race-I was sent the pic as evidence of the good time they were having.


Brendan Coyle ran despite getting a nasty cold this week so he also kept it more of a training run.



Ironman Canada-Whistler


Lisa Fekete had a really solid race on a tough hilly course!  In her second IM once again she was steady all day long.  She finished with a smile and just over 12hrs in 12:01!


Coach Kelli's report:  The race venue was spectacular for scenery, roads were in good condition with plenty of room and I thought the support was great. I would recommend the race as great place to do a destination race and then if you had a little time stay on vacation.  For those who haven't been BC is beautiful with the mountains and the water.  I would love to go back and do some mountain biking, the trails looked awesome!

The night before the race I stayed with Lisa and her family.  I was staying 45 min out of Whistler with Brandi (one of my friends from Xterra) and so to be right in Whistler made it a lot easier.  Since I traveled by myself to the race and given the recent health issues I certainly felt more at ease if something came up during the race Lisa's family would be there to support me.  It certainly lowered my nerves and it was also nice to go down to the start with Lisa and get our stuff all set.  Also Lisa's awesome 4 kids were so excited that I was going to stay with them, they made me feel like a rock star.  Her kids are fantastic and totally fun! 

The race itself started out fine, for the swim it was agreed with the doc I breathe only to the right side to avoid setting off some vertigo by turning my head to the left or both ways.  I can breathe both sides, but a lot times I'll breathe more to the left.  That was fine for the 1st lap by second my right arm and neck were not too happy but overall the swim was close to what I was capable of doing.  I hoped on the bike and focused on not freezing it was a little chilly to start, but after the first hour it was comfortable. I was fine on the bike dizziness wise as long as I kept my head straight which was suited the course.  The downhills were a blast, not technical but fast I clocked 47 mph on one of them!  By mile 70 my neck had enough of the aerobars so it got pretty painful at that point and I just started sitting up on the flat section which was slowing me down. Then by 85 miles my stomach went south, this I  attribute to the hiatel hernia that I have that gave me trouble last year.  By that point I was not having fun and tried focus on somehow getting myself to the end of the bike.  I was seriously crawling coming up hills from 90-105 miles-it was ugly!  I debated about dropping out at this point with my neck killing me along with headache and now low in calories.  But I decided to give the run a try, I really wanted to see the course too. So off I went, I ran a few good miles but then I just didn't have calories and my legs were not going anywhere fast.  I have to admit I was totally angry and frustrated at this point that I just was so compromised from the accident.  I was still thinking about bailing on the second lap of the run since I was totally miserable, but just as I was close to the end of the first lap I see Lisa going the other way and she was so happy.  We gave each other quick cheer and it was then I was like you have keep going if you pack it in you will be so mad at yourself and her kids are so excited to see you finish too.  So onto the second lap, I knew I would finish it just wasn't going be quick.  Right with 10K to go I look to the left and about 10 feet from me there is a black bear!  All I could yell was bear, bear there is a bear!  I was so excited to see the bear!  He was just busy sniffing the rocks in the woods right off the trail.  It appears that he crossed the course too from the pic!  I finished and Lisa's family was right there to great me, what great support!  I have to say I was very proud of myself that given everything I was able to do the race!  While it wasn't what I'm capable of it provided many positives for me to get back out there racing and work towards getting myself back to 100% physically and mentally!



Enjoy your weekend!





Hi Athletes,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!


Good Luck to New Haven 20K racers tomorrow!


George Dickerson - running with hernia-yet one more injury to add to the list from our accident in June.  He's very determined and has been training hard.


Brendan Coyle - he's been training hard and has had some very solid races getting ready for the Hartford Marathon


Laura Lovelace - will also be ready to race well and it will be good prep for the Hartford Marathon too.


Katie Devir was a maybe that she was going to race but if she does she's a very good consistent racer!


D1 (aka David Ellis) and D2 (aka David Demres) have come up with a fun bet for a good cause at the Hammerfest Triathlon

Pledge to Brian's Hope-David Demres web page


Dave Ellis, the 2012 champion of the Hammerfest Triathlon, thinks he has this year's race in the bag on September 15. As the 2011 champion, I think he's got another think coming. To heighten the deal, we've put $20 on the line – in the form of a donation to Brian's Hope, the organizers of Hammerfest and charity dedicated to stopping the progression of ALD.


Who is your bet on? Pledge to back Dave Ellis or Dave Demres, that if one of us wins the overall race, you'll donate to this great cause. We don't ask for much: just $5 or more to put your skin in the game.


Here's how it works: If Dave Ellis wins, his backers will donate to Brian's Hope. If Dave Demres wins, his backers donate to Brian's Hope. It's that simple. Since this is a pledge, and not an automatic donation, we won't ask for a donation unless your guy pulls off the win. And of course, if you would like to pledge for someone besides one of us to win, feel free to do so. Either way, please pledge and come out to Hammerfest, one of the greatest triathlons in CT, to cheer your head off for your athlete! The pledge page is up on my website, check it out for the details:


Who is coach picking for the bet?  I am not picking one but coach expects a 1-2 finish from D1 and D2 :) I've pledged my money regardless and look forward to their face off.  Its a great race for a good cause so if you are looking for one last race make sure to sign up.  If coach is up for it she will toe the line too.  Here is the info on the race.


Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend,





Hi Athletes,

Here is the most recent race report from last weekend.  I'm working on catching up on July and August, coming soon!


Charles Island Sprint in Milford

David Ellis won overall!  Great recovery from IM to take the win!


Katie Devir finished 3rd in her age-group and as always had a blast and raced well!


Rob Skinnon finished 12th overall and had a solid day!  Not too long now and Rob will be adding a new addition to his family with his first child arriving in September!


Mt. Tremblant IM

Chris Gilllette completed his first Ironman in style on a tough and hilly course!  He finished up with a strong marathon time too


Timberman 70.3

Larry Wood had a solid race despite some foot problems.  He's gotten that all straightened out and will be ready for IM FL in November. Nice job Larry!


Paul Radineri set a PR in the 70.3 this past weekend!  He too had some foot issues that slowed him up in the run, but worked thru them.  Way to go Paul!  Paul will be racing his first IM in FL this Nov. he too will be ready!


Luray Virginia Olympic Tri at Lake Anna

Tammy Guld finished 6th overall woman and 2nd in the 35-39 age-group.  Another great race for Tammy this season!


Pikes Peak Ascent CO

Sandie Dalles did a great job summing up this tough event herself below!  Great job Sandie that is one tough race!

Things I learned or contemplated while running 13.32 miles and 7,841 vertical feet

1. Runners are the nicest people! Ok maybe Tibetan Monks are probably pretty nice but you get the point - Runners Rule!!

2. Dropping your Gu packet on the port a potty floor say 30 sec before your race is gonna start - very bad!!

3.Race volunteers - are the ones that really Rock !! For a race that is up the side of a mountain with no road excess - you figure out how they got water/ Gatorade/ pretzels/ etc to 6 aid stations on the trail -for 1800 runners!! yeap !! They Rock!!

4. These race directors are right on when telling you how to predict your time - marathon time plus 30 mins ! ( that just gives you a bit of an idea of how hard it is - remember only 13.32 miles!

5. After running at a 14% grade for a while a 3-4 %grade feels like a downhill .

6. Running and walking look very similar above 12,000ft.

7. Above 12,000 ft you can move forward , breath , eat or drink - but you must only pick 2 at a time. At times just 1.

8. As I said before runners are nice - but there is nice and there is just plan stupid! DO NOT give your last Gu away to another nice runner with 2miles to go !! - 2 miles at 13,000ft is a very long way ! (no wasn't the one that feel on the floor !)

9. Whomever named the "16golden steps" at the top of the Barr Trail CAN NOTcount! Or maybe I can't count but either way - just wrong!!!

10. Women are much better at knowing their true athlete abilities. After about 6 miles - I must have past 100 men!!! Maybe 2 women .

10a. you should no longer stress being chicked when the woman passing is in 24th place . ; )

11. No matter if you run walk or crawl you should see the top of the Barr Trail from Timberline to the Summit - Amazing!!!

12.Plan ahead - IE - when parking your car before a race that you will be ascending 7,841 ft . Take a moment to find out where the bus will be dropping you off after said race and park - downhill from there!

13. I'm not so sure free entry into next years race , when it involves running up a mountain, is REALLY an award . ; )

14. There is nothing Whole Foods sells that I want to eat after a very hard physical effort - I need a BURGER!

14a . I think I will consumer more calories today then I burned . ; )

15.No matter what - there is always time to enjoy the view!!




Hi Athletes,

The Record Journal is doing a series on Larry Wood as he gets ready for Ironman FloridaHere is the first article attached. Enjoy!





Hi Athletes,


This weekend David Ellis and Rob Buettel are racing Ironman Lake Placid, it is both their first Ironmans!  Good luck guys you are more than ready to have a great race!  Enjoy the experience!


Tammy Guld will be racing the Sparta Sprint Race, she had a fantastic race last weekend so I am sure she will dish out another one!


Enjoy your weekend everyone,







Hi Athletes,

My race reports have been a bit delayed due to the accident and needing to recover a bit.  I hope I didn't miss anyone on the report if I did let me know and I will send part II out.


Rev 3 1/2 Ironman


Mark Crudi set a course PR of 7 minutes on a much hotter day!  Congrats Mark!


Larry Wood finished 2nd in the (65-69 age group) despite bike mechanical on the course that cost him energy and time.  Larry persevered and kept at it!  He also had a great swim, he's been working hard so well deserved!


Lisa Fekete had a solid race and gained a lot of experience from the race.  She'll put all the experience to good use at Mossman 70.3 in a couple of weeks!


Laura Valenti unfortunately had to drop out during the run portion due to an on going back problem.  Laura made a good call to call it a day to avoid further problems.  Laura will rally back!


Rev 3 Olympic Distance

Tammy Guld had a really good race on a tough course. She is just getting back to running, with foot injury on the mend.  It's great to see her out there rocking it up on the course!  More good racing to come for the rest of the season!

Chris Gillette had a nice race on tough course.  He did a great job staying calm and not going to hard during the swim, put in a solid bike and run!  Up next for Chris is Syracuse 70.3!


Cedar Lake Triathlon Series

David Ellis won the race overall by a larger margin!  Congrats David your hard work is paying off.


Eagleman 70.3

David Ellis despite all the chaos from Sat. afternoon with the accident (thankfully David was not in the car), not exactly restful or getting proper fuel for long race the next day had strong performance.  He really put together his swim like we both knew he was capable of. Then he had smoken fast bike split! His run suffered a little from warm weather and missing a little nutrition. Still he had a fast time and I know he will put it all together in the next race.  He'll be doing Mossman in couple weeks!  Big thanks to David for being calm and supportive at the hospital and helping us out!


Duathlon at the Ponds #2

David Ellis won the race overall, had a great time and got super muddy!


Escape the Cape Sprint Tri

Katie Devir enjoyed doing a shorter race and giving some tips to her friends new to triathlon! She put in a good performance too!  She did say the short races hurt a lot, I agree!


Branford Road Race

Brendan Coyle despite traveling overseas for work, limiting training and still having some jet lag had a PR on the course!  This should boost his confidence for the Fairfield Half marathon this weekend!


Racing this weekend


Syracuse 70.3

Chris Gillette


Fairfield 1/2 Marathon

Katie Devir

Brendan Coyle


Philadelphia Triathlon OD

Tammy Guld


Ironman Coeur d'Alene

Caryl Olmstead it will be her 1st IM


Good luck athletes enjoy the experience and race fast!






Hi Athletes,


Last weekend was the Wrath of the Boneyard Mountain Bike Race-State Championships in Meriden CT.  George Dickerson and Coach Kelli did the very challenging 15 mile race (3 laps)-it was muddy, light rain and lot's of slippery trap rock.  It was a very technical mountain bike course so both George and I were very happy that we rode well and also stayed upright.  George also did well in the Cat 2 50+ category finishing 8th.  Coach won the Cat 2 35+ category-I was pretty excited to win state champs, but more pleased that my mountain biking skills have continued to improve.  That also earned me my upgrade to Cat 1, where I'll be even more challenged-looking forward to it!   We both ended up with an incredibly sore upper body from all the rough trail and controlling the bike, but we had a blast!


Good luck to Brendan Coyle in the Soapstone Mountain Trail Race!


Good luck to Dave Jenkins in the Newington Library 5K!


Coach Kelli is in Alabama this weekend for the Southeast Xterra Regional Championships.  The park in Pelham is beautiful and the course is technically challenging and should be fun to race on.  The weather could add an extra challenge with possible T-storms and rain making for some slippery trails.  I am happy I did race last weekend so I know how ride in the rain!  I'll be sure to share my adventures with all of you.





Hi Athletes,

The last two weekends we had some more racing from Coach Kelli Athletes:


Guntersville Triathlon in Guntersville AL Kari Anderson won the woman's race overall and was 8th out of the men!  Kari had to endure freezing temps low 40's, wind and rain during the race.  Even with the tough conditions Kari hung tough and had a great race!


U25 Elite Development Race in Richmond VA -David Demres had a tough day with a hard bike crash at the beginning of the bike leg.  This race was a draft legal (drafting is allowed on the bike portion) so with the crash that left him out of the bike pack.  He rode solo for the rest of the race and finished with a strong run gaining places still finishing 11th overall!  Luckily David just suffered some road rash and bruises and with a few days rest should be back in action.


Cheshire Half Marathon

Laura Valenti had an off day due to a making a few mistakes with pacing (going out a little fast) and underestimating the heat for the day.  We all make mistakes out there sometimes and good things can be learned from them going forward. Laura will seek revenge at Rev 3!

Lisa Fekete ran a solid race and time on unrested legs, so once she rests for the Rev 3 1/2 Ironman she will fly!


St. Anthony's Triathlon-Larry Wood had a great swim on the shortened course due to rough conditions.  He's worked hard to get stronger and improve his stroke and the dedication has paid off.  He also had a strong bike and a solid run!  He finished 13th in the 65-69 age-group, nice job Larry!


Bassman 1/2 Ironman Triathlon, NJ-Caryl Olmstead had tough day in the swim with the really cold water temperatures.  Her body core temp dropped too low to continue with the race.  However Caryl has a great attitude and is not discouraged!


RiverRun 10K Julie Goldstein had a good race even with not running for a couple weeks due to an ankle injury.  Julie is working on healing up and will be doing her first half Ironman in late June!


Coach Kelli Xterra Jersey Devil- For those of you who want to try an Xterra race this one would be a good place to start if you don't mind the very cold water temps for the 1/2 mile swim in April (low 50's water temp).  The MTB ride was mostly sandy, single track with not too many obstacles so if you had some MTB experience you would be fine.  The trail run was fun, lot's switchbacks, winding thru the trees, hoping logs, ducking under trees, and small stream crossing on floating logs.  The atmosphere was low key and the race was well organized.  I had my own fan club cheering for me with my two kids and my friends two kids so that was fun.  I had another solid race and won overall out of the women!


Hope everyone is enjoying the nice spring weather!






Hi Athletes,

Some strong racing the last couple weekends!


Boston Marathon

A sad day with the bombing and I feel for the families and victims affected by it.

Jennifer Gregoretti was racing that day and was less than a mile from the finish with Lisa Fekete (she was pacing the last 9 miles).  Jen was so close to completing Boston, but both her and Lisa were thankful that they were safe.  Coach was relieved too!  Tough day emotionally for them, many runners and non-athletes.


Xterra Vegas West Championships-Coach Kelli's Report

I decided I wanted to try something different racing this season to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.  In previous winters we would do a MTB riding on weekend, but once we hit April the MTB's went away until the next winter.  I never spent a bunch of time on the MTB and I wasn't particularly good at due to the lack of time and my fear of getting hurt.  This winter I was having fun with it and decided to give it a go at an Xterra race.  I stayed with my friend Suzie Snyder and a few of her friends that race Xterra pro, which was extremely helpful in getting some tips that were extremely helpful on race day.  What was nice was two of the girls were moms too so great to see women racing at the top level while raising children.  The day before the race we went out to preview the course, I think I lasted all of about 10 min before the group was out of sight!  So I finished up pre-riding by myself, which was fine since I'm new it takes me a while to look at and decide how I want to ride.  My first impression was wow there is going to be some climbing and its certainly going to be easy to wipe out on all the loose sand and rock!  Race day 10:30 am start which was nice in the sleep department, but made for a hot race.  At start time it was full sun and in the 80's and about 15 min before we started all of sudden there was crazy wind.  The swim was cold 58 degrees, but I had a good swim overall.  Then onto the bike with frozen hands and feet-it was quick thaw with it being warm.  The first fast downhill I was really close to sliding out but managed to not thankfully!  Then the first big hill proved a challenge and since someone fell off in front of me I was forced to dismount and walk about 1/2 hill.  I tried to pace myself up the hills and do the best I could on the slippery descents. The nice section of deep sand was very tricky, but the tip the girls gave me of lock the shock out and don't put any weight on the front wheel worked.  In the pre-ride I was coming to dead stops and going no where.  It was 2 lap course so by the time I hit the second lap I was feeling more comfortable and I was pacing off Melissa and following her line. I figured she must know what she's doing she's a pro MTBer on single speed.  That helped a lot.  During the 2nd lap while going turning to go downhill the crazy wind blew me off the rideable section and I crashed.  I was going slow so I only got a few scratches.  Soon as I hit the dirt the people behind me asked if I was ok, and this was nice to see anytime anyone fell everyone asked if they were ok.  I finished the bike and hit the run, the first thing out of transition was a giant steep hill.  Since I was more worried about surviving the MTB I didn't really look at the run course I figured once I hit my feet I would be good.  In hind sight I was a little mentally unprepared for what was on the run course. It was 90 degrees and hot and whoa holy steep hills and wow this is really trail running were my thoughts. Lot's of loose rock big and small and sand on the run course.  At the time I was like maybe it's faster to walk up the hill and run down as fast as I can so that's what I did.  Towards the end I figured you it was quicker to do small quick steps up the hill and run down fast.  One hill was not run-able you had to walk with your hands on your thighs, if you stood up you started sliding down.  I felt like I was going nowhere and I was going to be out there all day, but then came 4 mile mark.  I was like ok I can make it 2 more miles and picked it up until the finish.  I had no idea where I finished place wise, but I couldn't believe it when they printed out my results and I won the 40-44 age-group and qualified for Xterra World Championships in Maui in October!  That will be fun! I really enjoyed the format of the race, it was seriously hard but fun!  Pacing is different than a road tri-not a steady pace but varied.  The atmosphere was fantastic, low key, people were very friendly too, and the race was well run.

Here's a pic of one of the hills on the bike course:


New Orleans 70.3


Katie Devir had a solid day even with a borrowed bike that was a little small.  She did the race for fun before heading on vacation.


Rob Skinnon had a great early season race with a speedy 1'35" 1/2 marathon time!


George Dickerson made his own aquabike and had a good swim and bike.


 a week after Vegas and not having ridden my TT bike outside since I've been on the MTB had a good day.  I was very happy with my run.  The 40-44 age-group ladies proved to be tough since I finished 3rd in the age-group and 3rd overall amateur!  Now that's a first.

The race itself was much improved with a new swim venue that was protected (last 2 years swim was canceled) and it finished back in the French Quarter. It was a time trial start one person going off the doc every 3-5 sec. This was good from a standpoint of space on the swim and cutting down drafting on the bike. The drawback is if you like to race within your age-group you had no idea where anyone was.  It was less than a minute to 1st so it would have been a fun head to head race.


New Orleans is a fun place to have a good time and post race the 4 of us plus Katie's friend Ali hit the French Quarter for the evening.  I really enjoyed having fun with the group, and we did have a blast!


Enjoy your weekend!





Hi Athletes,

We have some athletes racing this weekend:


Let's cheer on the athletes racing this weekend. Good luck!


Larry Wood racing in FL at the St. Anthony's Triathlon


Cheshire Half Marathon

Lisa Fekete

Laura Valenti


Julie Goldstein at the 10K River Run


Your Coach will be back on her mountain bike at the Xterra Jersey Devil. Race reports are coming, coach is catching up!


Enjoy the great weather,





Hi Athletes,


Last weekend at the races:


Dave Jenkins ran the Danbury Half Marathon and took 10 min off his time from the Colchester half at the end of Feb. and was just 1 min off his PR from 10 years ago.  Dave I think your PR's are going down this year, great job!!!


Brendan Coyle ran the Bimblers Bash Trail Race 10k as training and had a strong race on tired legs!  Brendan will run fast this season!


Coach Kelli Hop Brook MTB Race-I learned a lot in the first race of what not to do!  In only my 2nd MTB race ever I learned some more and I'm guessing with being so new to MTBing I'll keep learning and riding better each time I race.  For me it's a lot of just getting over the fear of crashing on some steep downhill.  Overall I rode a lot better with more efficient pacing, staying on the bike more and not being nearly as scared!  I have to say it's totally fun to race on the MTB!  I finished 2nd in the Cat 2 (35-99), the course was challenging from a hill standpoint, lot's of uphills!


George Dickerson wasn't feeling well so he started and pulled off and took some good pics of me coming down the trail, thanks George!



Weekend Racing Coming Up:


Jennifer Gregorretti will be running Boston Marathon on Monday.  Jen has trained hard and is ready to have a great race, good luck Jen!


Lisa Fekete will be doing The Fitathlon, good luck!


Coach Kelli will try her hand at the Xterra West Championships in Vegas,  I am curious to see how I will do overall with it being a MTB and off road run.  I'm looking forward to the challenge!


Have a great rest of the week!




Hi Athletes,

I believe spring has finally arrived, hooray to that!


Mark Crudi had a huge PR in the Bradley 10K, taking 13 sec a mile off in his race and finishing 4th in his age-group!  Nice job Mark!


This weekend racing:


Dave Jenkins will be racing the Danbury Half Marathon


Brendan Coyle will be racing Bimblers Bash Trail Race 10k


Hop Brook Mountain Bike Race Coach Kelli and George Dickerson


Good luck everyone!  Should be a nice weekend for racing and training enjoy!






Hi Athletes,


Another weekend of solid racing for Coach Kelli athletes, in cold, windy conditions!


Sandy Hook 5K

Julie Goldstein ran a solid race with a cold and coming off and ankle injury that has limited training.  Great job Julie!


Dave Jenkins ran for fun and training time.



Savin Rock 1/2 Marathon in West Haven

Lisa Fekete ran a very solid race on hilly, windy and cold course.  Nice way to start the season out!


Brendan Coyle also had a very solid race and will run another 1/2 in a month where I expect he will race even faster!



Burlingame Mountain Bike Time Trial

George Dickerson hasn't raced a MTB in years and it was also Coach Kelli's first ever MTB race!  We had a blast, but I will tell you it was super hard even at just 8.7 miles!  George will concur that it was pretty technical and hard race.  I learned a lot in my first experience!  Pacing is completely different than riding on the road so I have different game plan for the next race, I need work on my big logs and technical skills, pre-riding the course which wasn't an option bc I didn't have time to go the day earlier would have helped a lot, and even setting right rebound and tire pressure make a difference on how well the bike handles all things I am learning.  I am proud of myself for riding the skinny bridges, which were a little scary and challenging myself to do something different!  I finished in 7th place in the Cat 2 division.  Then I had a killer run to get ready for Xterra Vegas in April-good training day!  Burlingame was a really nice park too right on the water.  George also did really well and I need to take some tips from him on clearing large logs and objects!  We'll be doing the Hop brook MTB race in CT on April 7th for more fun!



Enjoy your day!





Hi Athletes,


We have some racing going on this weekend!


Savin Rock Half Marathon in West Haven- Lisa Fekete and Brendan Coyle


Leprechaun 5 Miler-David Ellis


Sandie Hook 5K-David Jenkins



Burlingame Mountain Bike Time Trial in RI, Coach Kelli and George DickersonThis will be Coach Kelli's first ever MTB race!  I'll be sure to write up my experience, looking forward to the challenge.



Good luck athletes enjoy the racing and race fast!






Hi Athletes,

2013 is off to a great start and Coach Kelli athletes are tearing up the race course already!


David Demres aka D2 finished 7th in another big race the U25 Elite Development Race in Sarasota this past weekend! That makes 2 top ten finishes for Dave in his first 2 draft legal tris.  More great racing to come from David this year!


David Ellis aka D1 was on a roll this weekend too.  He won the Plainville Criterium and also the 2 Sprint Primes on the race course on Saturday.  Cyclists better watch out for triathletes, they too can bike race!  Then David decided to do the Mossman 5 miler today and won the race overall.  A successful weekend of racing and great training for the upcoming triathlon season.


And in other news I witnessed George Dickerson perform the most spectacular 360 flip on his mountain bike when his front wheel got stuck in a hole after jumping a large log. Even the East German officials awarded him a perfect "10"


Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!






Hi Athletes,


David Demres had a strong opening to his season finishing 9th overall in U25 Elite Development Draft Legal Race in Clermont, FL this past weekend!  This was David's first draft legal triathlon experience amongst a talented field of athletes (olympic training center residents and other collegiate recruits).  He's been working really hard on improving his swim and strength on the bike.  Building off the platform of last years fitness and experiences.  This week he is in FL with other collegiates and elites gaining experience at USAT camp.  Then this weekend he will race the next U25 Development Draft Legal Race in Sarasota FL.  Good luck David!


We will be cheering you on and it looks like you will come back to no snow!  Yahoo to that!




Good Evening Athletes,


Last weekend Chris Gillette braved really cold (50 degree water), rough, and strong tides in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.  They pulled 3x as many swimmers out during the swim portion this year.  The race was held in March instead of June so also air temps were in the 40's in the morning, burr!  Chris finished and enjoyed the challenging and beautiful course.  Very impressive Chris and I look forward to reading the full race report!


David Demres will be racing in U25 Elite Development Draft Legal Race in Clermont, FL this weekend.  This will be Dave's first draft legal race experience, he's ready to go and have a great race!  This will be a great learning opportunity and also he'll get a sense of what racing a draft legal race is all about.  Best of luck David!  Have a great race!



Coach Kelli





Hi Athletes,


Some tough racing out there this weekend!


Katie Devir once again ran the Hyannis Marathon in deplorable conditions.  There was heavy rain, wind, and the temp was around 40 degrees!  Katie is seriously tough and withstood it to finish and gave it 100%!  All the wind, rain and cold temperatures caused some cramping and stiff legs so it was a challenge to keep them moving!  She also did a great job pacing out the run gauging the effort on feel rather than mile times given the conditions.  Way to go Katie!



Colchester Half Marathon had better weather conditions, for a winter day pretty good.


Mark Crudi ran a PR and broke 8 min a mile average, nice way to get 2013 started!


Brendan Coyle after 3 weeks of down time for a bug ran solidly despite it.  He's getting back into consistent training now that he is healthy.


Dave Jenkins had a great race too running faster than he expected!


Nice work athletes looking forward to all the great performances of 2013!!!






Hi Athletes,


Coach Kelli athlete David Demres was selected as one of the bloggers from the USAT Collegiate Recruitment Program for 2013, congrats David!  He will be writing up some great blogs for all of us to read that I will post to the group. If you click on the link and you'll see the Coach Kelli group is on USAT home page, now that's pretty cool!  Here is the link and I also attached the PDF of the blog too.  Thanks David!  Enjoy the read athletes.


Some racing going on this weekend for few athletes!


Running today is Dave Jenkins, Brendan Coyle, and Mark Crudi in the Colchester Half Marathon.  Hope you guys beat the rain and had a great race!


And Katie Devir will once again tackle the Hyannis Marathon!  Currently they will decide by 4 today if the race will be run due to the high winds.


I know this has been a tough month with the snow for motivation, but we have one month to go and then the real bad weather is done.  I really find March is the toughest month for most athletes.  I know I find it the hardest because you want winter to be done (unless you are winter lover) but the finish line isn't quite there yet.  This is the last stretch and soon we will all be out running and biking in spring weather!  Keep plugging away and come spring your fitness will be there to have some fun with!


Coach Kelli




Hi Athletes,


We had a number of Coach Kelli Athletes race or run for fun at Christopher Martins 5K, in New Haven the other weekend. Always a fun race and surprisingly not too cold this year. Some of us also met at Claire's Corna Copia after for some lunch.


Larry Wood, Laura Valenti, Lisa Fekete, David Demres, David Ellis, George Dickerson, and my son Benjamin Gyulay all ran.


Congrats to David Demres for his overall win in 15:39!

David Ellis for setting a PR breaking 18 min, he's been so close a few times.

It was Benjamin's first official 5K, I'm thinking I'll need to stay in shape if I plan on keeping up in a few years. Good time for us!






Hi Athletes,


For the last couple of weeks we've had a couple races:


Congrats to Lori Gillette for racing and finishing Philadelphia Marathon! Tough battle with the pesky hip and foot, that really limited Lori's training along with a cold! She ran strong despite and has recovered well-hip and foot feel good!


Madison Turkey Trot

David Demres finished 3rd overall, it came down to a sprint in the last 400m, great race!

David Ellis ran a PR nice job!

George Dickerson in his 3rd running race in a row, he's running some of his faster times in a few years!


Dave Jenkins also did Turkey Trot in Manchester, he enjoyed the nice day and ran well!

Amanda Kallen also enjoyed a turkey race with a friend.


Have a good week! Hope to see some of you on Sunday at Christopher Martin's 5K or at Claire's Corner Copia after.





Hi Athletes,

Hope everyone has weathered all the recent storms from the hurricane to Nor'easter this week that left 1 foot of snow in my neighborhood!


Last weekend was Ironman Florida and it was Lisa Fekete and Laura Valenti's first Ironman!

Lisa Fekete had an awesome race across the board and enjoyed her first Ironman experience! She finished in a very good time of 11:25. Congrats Lisa!


Laura Valenti did a great job pacing and was steady all day long to finish her first Ironman in 13:55! Congrats Laura!


Larry Wood was having a strong race, but a heel injury he's been dealing with stopped him on the run and he had to call it a day. He'll be back next year in Florida!


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!





Hi Athletes,

I hope everyone is safe and everyone faired well in the storm.


Last weekend racing more great results to finish out the season for some!


David Ellis had a PR 4:32 and finished 5th in the 25-29 age-group in Austin 70.3 to finish out his breakthrough season! Even with a late plane arrival, traveling with a 1.5yr old (hence the scrambling to fix the flat tire on the stroller so his wife wouldn't be stuck right before the race. The bike mechanics at the race just laughed at him and wouldn't offer any help so engineer Dave wrapped the 700c road tire around 3 times for a a MacGyver fix. He had 5 minutes to set up in transition, but kept his cool and had a great race! Some stomach issues on the bike and run slowed him slightly. He'll go even faster with a few tweaks there next season!


Amanda Kallen completed her first 70.3 in tough windy conditions in Miami, congrats! She too got delayed and didn't arrive until the day before the race. She did a great job with the nutrition and pacing for her first long race. Well done!


Both are stuck and hopefully enjoying the extra time until they get back today or Thursday, safe travels!


Coach Kelli is back from San Diego from conference, just made it into Bradley late Sunday night, thought I might be touring Dallas for a few days! It was good trip and I was able to connect with other coaches while I was there.


David Demres won overall the Connection Wicked Good 5K in New Haven, Tigger costume and all! Here is the pic below, good fun!

Tigger Strikes!


Click here for older results!